Food Products

Casings are used as natural wrapping for cured meat in order to preserve taste, flavour and ripening. Properly defatted and salted, they assure the meat ...

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Rendering products

They include processed animal proteins and rendered animal fats. Such products are derived from Category 3 material as provided for in Regulation EC 1069/2009....

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With its headquarters in Viadana, Alcor Srl has established a sterling reputation for high standards in the production of:

“Food casings,  stomachs and offal; rendered fats for industrial and zootechnical use; processed animal proteins (P.A.T) for zootechnical use derived from Cat.3 animal by-products” 

ALCOR SRL aims at increasing its customers’ satisfaction about the products of both the Food Department and Rendering services. We are committed to provide safe and to ensuring compliance with our contractual obligations and regulation while meeting the expectations of our clients.

Flexibility, timeliness and efficiency are essential for combining great quality of the product along with the quality of the supply service.