Alcor invests in Security day after day to provide a Great Quality PRODUCT

Since 2002 it complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 International Standard, obtaining the Certificate for food and rendering products.Since February 16th 2006 the Company has been certified with  BRC Global Standard Food Certificate by SGS Italia Spa and with IFS International Food Standard - Higher Level by SGS Germany Gmbh.

BRC and IFS Standards are international templates aimed at harmonizing the various standards with common principles adopted by the major European distributors.BRC - British Retailer Consortium- Standard was born in England, where it has now become institutionalised; IFS -International Food Standard- is an equivalent tool issued by German, French and Italian wholesalers.

Both standards provide for certification audits by Third Parties.ALCOR is one of the few Italian companies in the sector that has obtained those approvals and has the objective to maintain them.

Politics for quality and safety

ALCOR SRL aims at increasing its customers’ satisfaction about the products of both the Food Department and Rendering services. We are committed to provide safe and to ensuring compliance with our contractual obligations and regulation while meeting the expectations of our clients.

The continued commitment of the business operators, their skills and the correct communication, help to cement the business, that boasts a tradition of over 30 years in the sector.

The set targets cannot disregard the need to constantly and dynamically update the business strategies, in order to increase the performances of its products and production methods. The company is interested in knowing and testing the foreign markets, in perpetuating its own experience and in offering a new and direct outlet to the sales channel.

The objectives of growth are inevitably related to the conservation of the landscape where the said establishment is situated and involve an active and responsible commitment in water and energy savings; for instance, through the completion of an installation for recovering thermal energy. On the subject  of corporate social responsibility, the Directorate undertakes to operate with due regard to ethical principles, by promoting and prizing the work of its own employees.

Consortium for Natural Casing Protection

The Consortium for Natural Casing Protection was born in 2001 in order to improve the natural casing processing for the production of sausages. ALCOR is an honorary board member of this consortium, and well aware of the fact that using natural products is crucial for promoting  a culture of wellbeing in the food sector. 

The Consortium believes in the promotion of typical and protected products (DOP,IGP), which find in the natural casing the best wrapping to reach a typical and traditional maturing.